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The medication type was approved for sale in December 2003 by the FDA. Glaxo Wellcome was first to develop the medication yet it got the Cialis name under the partnership with Biotechnology Company ICOS.

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Tadalafil generic is the best "weapon" to struggle against erectile dysfunction of the twenty-first century. Today, an impressive majority of men worldwide suffer from impotence and find it hard to speak loud about the problem. The lack of courage, shyness and reticence make men keep silent and suffer on their own. But how long can you cheat on your spouse with banal excuses you are not in the mood, feel unwell, etc. If you find you have serious troubles in keeping your erection firm enough for a sexual intercourse, you simply can't do without a treatment. You are responsible for your health first, hence need to undertake some steps. Definitely, without a doctor's consultation and prescriptions, it is very difficult to get an effective treatment, yet it's not impossible! With today's online pharmacies purchasing an efficient PDE5 medication generic tadalafil is easy, fast and safe. Simply order your tadalafil online and enjoy your strong erection again (or make your sex partner enjoy it)!

The oral medication Cialis generic enhances the effects of nitric oxide. The latter is a natural chemical a man's body produces to relax the penis muscles. Afterward, the blood flow is increased to that organ building up an impressive erection. Some people get a wrong impression that the tadalafil citrate affects in a firm erection without any stimulation, yet this is a complete misinformation. An erection will never occur just by taking a tadalafil pill. It does not raise libido. A sexual stimulation by your partner is an obligatory condition for getting a stone-hard erection.

Nevertheless, this medication is also quite often prescribed for treating pulmonary arterial hypertension thus improving exercise capacity as in men so in women. Before taking in the necessary tadalafil dosage, it is also important to mind some medication types that may cause dangerous effects when used together. Perhaps the most important point here concerns nitrate drugs. In case you are already taking a nitrate drug against your heart problems or pains in chest, you must by no means use generic Cialis. Otherwise, you will experience a sudden serious decrease in blood pressure. So, here is brief list of drugs that must not be paired with Cialis:

1. Isosorbide dinitrate
2. Nitroglycerine
3. Isosorbide mononitrate
4. Recreational drugs
5. Yohimbine
6. Alprostadil

When taking this medicine, you should also avoid using grapefruit products as grapefruit interacts with tadalafil citrate. This will lead to negative results, too.

However, there are also certain health conditions that are incompatible with Cialis tadalafil. In case you are experiencing one of the below-mentioned conditions, you are not advised to take the med:

1. Heart problems
2. Bleeding disorder
3. Recent heart attacks or strokes
4. Kidney or liver disease
5. Penis deformity
6. Stomach ulcer

Once you buy tadalafil, get acquainted with the specifications and contraindications on the medicine label before the usage. Yet, if you have wrongly taken in an unnecessary dosage and experience a painful erection, seek emergency. Moreover, having your erection for over four hours can also be dangerous as the priapism (prolonged erection) may cause a penis damage. If you are experiencing some dizziness, nausea, numbness as well as pains in your neck, chest, arms, and jaw right during the sexual activity, you need to immediately stop and call for a doctor - you are having some serious side effects of the medication. All these side effects are extremely rarely observed, yet they are still possible. Therefore, be cautious when using the med. Allergic reactions expressed via swelling of lips, face, throat, tongue, as well as heavy breathing, are possible though rarely.

Anyway, if you follow all the rules and are alert, you won't experience any unfavorable results. Here are several tips that may be useful once your Cialis online is delivered to your place. First of all the medicine must be taken strictly once a day and never more frequently. It should be taken in the right amounts recommended particularly for your case. The drug can be taken both with and without food - the choice is yours. What is important is not to split a pill, it must be swallowed whole. Mind the dosage. Start with 5mg pills or liquid tadalafil if you plan to use the medication on a daily basis. Yet, in case you will use it when needed, take a 10mg pill about an hour prior to a sexual intercourse. Observing your body reactions, you can increase or decrease the dosage. Everything depends on your individual tolerability.

So, now you see what a magic influence tadalafil may have on you. We guess you have also realized that like any medication type, Cialis too requires careful and alert approach. Order online Cialis from exclusively trustworthy online pharmacies that can provide really quality and effective medication. We are the pharmacy you can fully trust! We are offering the tadalafil best price in the market.